2010 Cebu City, Philippines

Oct 13, 2010

Rotaplast Volunteers arrive

Cebu City, Philippines

Rotaplast volunteers arrived at Cebu Airport early today to be greeted by Cebu Port City Rotarians and their wives. Some of the volunteers were greeted as old friends, many were new to the Cebu mission, an... Read More »

Oct 14, 2010

Pre-clinic Day

Cebu City, Philippines

Nurse Practitioner Nan Madden and Pediatrician Dr. Greg Melnick see a young patient and her mom at today's Pre-Clinic at the Sian Tian Temple in Cebu, assisted by interpreter, Darren of Cebu. A constan... Read More »

Oct 15, 2010

Operating Day #1 at Vicente Sotto Memorial Hospital

Cebu City, Philippines

 District 5020 Rotarian, Marnee Obendorf of Olympia, WA amuses our youngest patient of the day with a soft toy made by generous friends of Rotaplast in the US; he is in the caring arms of one of the ... Read More »

Oct 16, 2010

Operating Day 2 – on the ward.

Cebu City, Philippines

The wards were busy with post-op children and teens, and those awaiting their surgeries today, which is operating day #2. One of the Rotaract volunteers and President of the club, Ariel (Yeng) Alvarez offe... Read More »

Oct 18, 2010

Eljane – a few hours post-surgery

Cebu City, Philippines

After surgery yesterday, Eljane is feeling a little sore and her ready smile is not quite what it was when I first met her. That will change pretty soon. She was happy to have the company of Patient Ward C... Read More »

Oct 18, 2010

Reconnecting with Nelson

Cebu City, Philippines

Rotaplast affects different people in different ways. For some, it is the personal miracle of a repaired lip and palate, for others it’s the joy of helping to effect these repairs, but for one energetic ... Read More »

Oct 19, 2010

A Special Single-Parent Family

Cebu City, Philippines

When 5-year-old Kent was a baby, his parents separated. Kent and his older brother are being raised by their father as his mother had lost interest in this dear little boy with a cleft lip/cleft palate pro... Read More »

Oct 20, 2010

The Effects of Facial Disfigurement

Cebu City, Philippines

The face is a focus when it comes to physical attractiveness. This part of the body represents the person's identity and is the part most exposed to public view. Thus, whether a person is in general co... Read More »

Oct 22, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Cebu City, Philippines

Remember Angie? She is the young girl who had a missing lower lip due to a condition called NOMA. She had been brought to the clinic by a good samaritan woman who had found her living on the street. Here&#... Read More »

Oct 25, 2010

Another successful mission.

Cebu City, Philippines

The Cebu Rotaplast Mission is over for yet another year. Above, the PACU team Sandy, Emma and Marnee celebrate its success with their special bracelet cheer. This was the eighth year a team has travelled t... Read More »

Oct 26, 2010

Some of our Special Little People from CEBU

Cebu City, Philippines

  Below are some before and after images of our special patients who were operated on in Cebu last week.  It's early days yet, but within a few short weeks their lips will be healed and the... Read More »

Oct 29, 2010

Eljane – a few days post surgery at Cebu’s Vicente Sotto Medical Center

Cebu City, Philippines

You may remember we interviewed Eljane before her surgery. Above is the remarkable result four days after Dr. Janet Salomonsen performed a palate repair, a bilateral lip repair and nasal reconstruction. Go... Read More »

Oct 30, 2010

Some more of Cebu’s special little ones

Cebu City, Philippines

Because of the long, circuitous distances some of these children and their parents have traveled to receive surgical treatment, many do not make it back for the Final Clinic day – hence some of these... Read More »

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Jun 24, 2024

Day 10 – Post-clini...

Kampala, Uganda

A Ugandan mother smiles proudly as she demonstrates the increased mobility of her daughter’s arm following surgery to correct a burn contracture. The successful procedure has brought newfound hope an... Read More »

Jun 17, 2024

Day 9 – Final Surge...

Kampala, Uganda

Surgeon Karla Werninghaus, MD carefully inspects a young boy’s burn contracture on his arm, ensuring she understands the full extent of the injury before proceeding with the surgery. Anesthesiologist... Read More »