2011 Pereira, Colombia

Jun 30, 2011

Touchdown Pereira, Colombia

Pereira, Colombia

We assembled for the first time as a team in Miami. Our group consisted of twelve medical and five non-medical volunteers. From Miami it was two hops into Pereira with a layover in Cartegena. Our first sig... Read More »

Jul 1, 2011

Special Mission

Pereira, Colombia

This mission is  different in scope and size than our past five missions to Pereira. Our team is only 19 rather than the usual 28-30.  We are reaching beyond the basic cleft lip and palate repa... Read More »

Jul 2, 2011

It Is All About Family

Pereira, Colombia

It really is all about family. All parents love their children, and want to provide them with what they need to prosper. In the United States we have options, and cleft lips are repaired soon after birth. ... Read More »

Jul 4, 2011

The Quilt Story

Pereira, Colombia

On every Rotaplast mission for the past six years Rotaplast has given each child a hand made quilt. A child is matched with their quilt prior to surgery. Then the quilt follows the child through surgery, r... Read More »

Jul 4, 2011

Meet Ivana

Pereira, Colombia

IVANA BEFORE Ivana's mother, Johana heard that our Rotaplast mission was in Pereira from a friend. She did not have money for the bus fare, and she missed our opening clinic. Johana arrived at the hosp... Read More »

Jul 5, 2011

Colombia el Hermosa

Pereira, Colombia

ON THE ROAD IN EL CAMPO Sunday was our day off, and our first chance to see the countryside beyond the city. Wow, was it beautiful! The sun was warm, and the temperature was in the 70's. The valleys an... Read More »

Jul 5, 2011


Pereira, Colombia

7:00AM OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL ON THE FIRST DAY The families line up long before the scheduled opening time in hopes of getting treatment for their children. No one enjoys waiting but these families are patie... Read More »

Jul 11, 2011

Meet Hector

Pereira, Colombia

  DR. CAPOZZI & HECTOR PRIOR TO HECTOR'S SURGERY Hector Javier is a twenty two year old student with plans to become a dentist. Our first contact with Hector was as  a candidate for sur... Read More »

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Feb 21, 2018

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 201...

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Rotaplast International’s medical team Dr. Sibrand Schepel, Deborah Dean, RN, Dr. Angelo Capozzi, Dr. Mark Singleton and Dr. Robert Karoukian working to save smiles and change lives at Cure Hospital ... Read More »

Jan 24, 2018

Day 10 – Last day o...

Chittagong, Bangladesh

It is easy to see the compassion and caring in Dr. Melissa Rinck.  On this day, she performed a tooth extraction in the OR as this child is also having surgery. On this mission, Dr. Rinck has completed ma... Read More »