2023 Cebu City, Philippines

Feb 21, 2023

DAY ONE – Getting Here

Cebu City, Philippines

“It’s So Good To See You!” After arriving at the International terminal in San Francicso, 22 mission members, including medical professionals and non-medical Rotarian volunteers, greeted ... Read More »

Feb 22, 2023

DAY TWO – Meeting The Families & Patients

Cebu City, Philippines

What A Difference A Day Makes On Monday, all the chairs were set up in the hospital’s sports center where physical therapy patients usually exercise. For the Rotaplast mission, the gym is converted t... Read More »

Feb 23, 2023

DAY THREE – More Patients To Meet

Cebu City, Philippines

Meet The Team All of the Medical and Non-Medical volunteers pose for a photo outside of Adventist Hospital, which was established in 1956 as H. W. Miller Memorial Sanitarium and Hospital. It’s All In... Read More »

Feb 24, 2023

DAY FOUR – Let The Surgeries Begin

Cebu City, Philippines

A Bundle Of Nerves Many of these families slept here last night in the humid, stifling heat sharing a cot with their child. This morning, the room is eerily silent as each parent waits for their child̵... Read More »

Feb 25, 2023

DAY FIVE – Great Impact Continues

Cebu City, Philippines

Going Home The ward’s Head Nurse provides discharge instructions for all of the families that had surgery yesterday. They are sent home with instructions that correspond with the type of surgery the ... Read More »

Feb 26, 2023

DAY SIX – Stories That Matter

Cebu City, Philippines

Lasting Impressions Mission Director, Tom Fox recounted a story from his October 2009 Rotaplast trip to Cebu. It was a Sunday morning, his day off, and he was taking a walk around the city. Along his walk,... Read More »

Feb 27, 2023

DAY SEVEN – Greatness & Gratitude

Cebu City, Philippines

We Get Around This morning, the team exited the hotel to find a school bus waiting to take them to the hospital. Just when we thought the bus was full, they started folding down the seats in the aisle to Read More »

Feb 28, 2023

DAY EIGHT – Milestones & Memories

Cebu City, Philippines

A Milestone Is Celebrated As many Rotarians and Rotaplast volunteers gathered around, Past District Governor Antonio “Anton” Florendo remarks, “This kid right here is Aeron Skyler Tabas. ... Read More »

Mar 1, 2023

DAY NINE – A Personal Story

Cebu City, Philippines

Debi’s Diary As the missions official Historian, I’ve been writing thus far in 3rd person. Today’s blog is my own personal story about a 5 year old boy named Joshua who stole my heart. The hospit... Read More »

Mar 2, 2023

DAY TEN – Reunions

Cebu City, Philippines

Reunited On Day Six’s blog, we shared the story about how Tom Fox found 5-year-old Nina playing in an abandoned parking lot and convinced her parents to get surgery for her cleft palate. Tom and Anto... Read More »

Mar 3, 2023

DAY ELEVEN – Last Day of Surgeries

Cebu City, Philippines

The Lingo Family Returns On day three, we introduced the Lingo family (As). Today is the last day of surgeries, but the first day of a new life for Aldrich Lingo and his family. This morning, Aldrich and h... Read More »

Mar 4, 2023

DAY TWELVE – Saying Goodbye

Cebu City, Philippines

71 Smiles Saved. 71 Lives Changed. As the patients all came back to the hospital for Post-Clinic, the atmosphere was markedly more upbeat than Pre-Clinic days. Smiles were everywhere — parents, surgeons,... Read More »

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Jun 24, 2024

Day 10 – Post-clini...

Kampala, Uganda

A Ugandan mother smiles proudly as she demonstrates the increased mobility of her daughter’s arm following surgery to correct a burn contracture. The successful procedure has brought newfound hope an... Read More »

Jun 17, 2024

Day 9 – Final Surge...

Kampala, Uganda

Surgeon Karla Werninghaus, MD carefully inspects a young boy’s burn contracture on his arm, ensuring she understands the full extent of the injury before proceeding with the surgery. Anesthesiologist... Read More »