As I woke up this morning I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  I was grateful that I had been given this wonderful opportunity to be able to document this mission, I was grateful to know there were many affected by the work that was done on this mission and I was grateful for the people that shared this journey with me.

This morning there were a few people who parted ways before the majority of us caught our early flight to Manila.  Evelyn was kind enough to arrange a bus trip where we had some time to visit various places in the city during our 10-hour layover. After that, it was a long flight back to San Francisco where we finally said our goodbyes.  I was truly sad to see the trip come to an end, but hope our paths will cross in the future. 

Over the last 11 days I had an amazing experience of learning so much from so many people in such a short amount of time. But above all, it’s the feeling I will never forget of being apart of something that changed people's lives forever. Today did mark the ending of this Rotaplast mission, but hopefully only the beginning of missions for me.

By: Jana Kendrick