Christin Blaney, a junior at Ohio State studying medical dietetics, is working in the post operative recovery room . Here are her impressions after the first few, 14-hour work days of the mission.

I came on this mission extremely nervous, not knowing anyone or what I would really be doing. As the team got together and settled in I soon became very comfortable with everyone. They assigned me to the recovery room where I help out with the patients as they come out of anesthesia. As they were bringing the first child in, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to handle it. This was my first drive to see if I could handle nursing school. I jumped right in and did everything I was told through all the commotion.

My teammates in recovery soon explained the process and I caught on quickly. I am very thankful that they taught me and answered all my annoying questions. They have encouraged me to absolutely follow through with nursing school. Apparently I am a natural. 🙂 I love this and am so lucky to be working and learning from such a diverse and educated group of individuals. It is like I have known them for a few years instead of a few days.

We are all here for the same reason and seeing these amazing patients give you the thumbs up for their new face is so rewarding that all anxiety about the mission is gone. This team, the people from Brazil and the patients are wonderful.