We assembled at 6 in the morning for our first experience tasting an Indian breakfast.  I wish that there was a more descriptive word than spicy because our breakfast was firey hot!  We spent the morning touring the hospital and setting up the operating room.  We quickly realized that we would be working with some make shift tools like a wheel chair made from patio furniture.

While setting up the operating room we heard strange noises coming from outside and found a group of monkeys climbing up and down the hospital walls.  That was the last thing I expected to see at a hospital in India.

Sitting outside taking a small break a woman, who arrived to the hospital a day early, walked up and handed her baby to us.  It was amazing the amount of trust she placed in us … in a matter of moments she handed us her most precious possession.  It made me realized just how much this surgery means to the patients and their families.

 After dinner our team was invited to the temple to meet the Swamiji.  It was explained to us that the Swamiji is like the local Pope, highly respected and cherished.  The Swamiji built the hospital, the medical school, and the temple.  It was another crazy bus ride up to the temple and our team was exhausted but when the Swamiji asks for your presence you do not decline. The temple was breathtaking!

 A temple priest preformed a small ceremony at each alter.  They invited our team into the dining hall to enjoy some warm tea and sweet biscuits.  After, we went to a conference room where the Swamiji welcomed us to Nagamangala and thanked us for participating in the Rotaplast Mission.

Finally, after a very long and tiring day we headed home.  As we slowly crept our way down the village it began raining, a much needed rain that cooled the nighttime air.  We all welcomed the comfort of a bed and a good night's sleep.