Dr. Granger arrived at the team hotel at dawn, so we will run three OR’s today. The hospital is very large with the ward on the second floor, and the OR on the 5th floor, and Michelle’s orthodontic workroom on the 4th floor. A convoluted five minute walk will get you from the ward to the OR. More than a dozen members of the Chinese media arrived today to follow the story of 4 year old Lipling Wang. Lipling is an orphan who was abandoned at birth by her parents because of her cleft lip. She was adopted by the woman you see in the attached picture even though she had a daughter of her own and is 80 years old. Lipling lives in a small village in the mountains several hours from here. Lipling brought a bunch of yellow wildflowers that she had picked from her yard to present to her doctors. Lipling was a favorite of our team before she became famous in the local media with an open smile, and gregarious personality that transcends the language barrier. I spoke with Lipling’s grandmother, and I asked what she wanted for her adopted daughter when she grows up. Her response was, “to be a doctor!”  Why not?