After watching the surgeries yesterday I was certain that all our patients would be sore and cranky this morning.  I tagged along on doctors rounds  this morning to check out yesterday's surgery patients. Much to my surprise most were up and about, cheerful, and completely happy as if nothing happened 24 hours ago. The small children seem to heal very quickly.  I have been following a few which I included in the photos in the first part of this blog, before and after shots, sent separately.

I believe the most happy are the parents of the kids.  Yesterday  they were apprehensive, but today they are all smiles and completely happy with the outcomes.  However this is only the start of a long journey for many of these kids. The  cosmetic revision of the cleft lips is done, but I understand that nearly all of the cleft lip kids will need a cleft palate  operation, and a minimum of several more surgeries prior to adulthood.

I could go on about all of our activities today but I would rather you check out the first installment of this blog and see for yourself by checking over the before and after shots.