We have two dentists with us on this mission. Normally they are present to extract teeth that, during surgery, it has been determined, need to be removed. One dentist is a newcomer to Rotaplast missions and he is an orthodontic resident from North Carolina.  The other dentist is a woman from Uruguay and is veteran of nearly thirty missions with Rotaplast.


It appears that most patients with a cleft palate have teeth that need to be aligned.  I would call the teeth very disorganized and crowded.  After the cleft palate surgeries have healed, then the expanders and braces give the teeth a chance to grow in more normally.




A fact about Venezuela that I recently learned is that gasoline is highly subsidized.  Our Rotary host tells me that 1000 gallons will cost just $6.00.  The price remains low to keep the population happy. The last two times that gasoline prices were increased the government in power was voted out during the next election.



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