Our day off was a trip to Salento, about an hour outside Pereira.  


We began our day at a small restaurant called "Camino Real Parrilla Bar."  Trout is the local delicacy.  Many of us ordered the "Trucho con Ajillo," which is trout in garlic sauce.  The garlic sauce is made with white wine, cream, and garlic.  While we were eating, we were serenaded by "Las parranderos del Quindio."  Loosely translated, this means, "the traveling singers from Quindio."  Also, the Pereira Rotarians provided a cake for one of our PACU nurses, Melanie, to celebrate her birthday. (The Club Rotario Pereira Perla del Otún truly does think of everything!)


After lunch, we browsed the local shops in the market.  We were able to purchase traditional Colombian bags and shawls, as well as jewelry, knick knacks, and candy of all varieties.  We were also able to barter with the shop owners to get great deals on the merchandise.


At the end of the day, a few of the team members purchased a dessert made from cream and meringue that was one of the best we have ever tasted.  Local flavor is second to none.