I realize that this blog has been somewhat different than what everyone may have been expecting. I have tried to find a balance between video (my forte) and photography, as well as text. In an effort to find this happy medium, I have taken submissions from fellow volunteers in order to produce a more well rounded representation of what is, after all, a mission comprised of nearly thirty minds filled with disparate yet similar stories rhythmically sloshing over the brim with emotion.

There are of course the more outspoken personalities, those who cannot help but tip the glass and spill everything. There are those that spend their time in an office closet, quietly serving with a tender ease and a fire behind their eyes. And then there are the infinite ways in between in which we all react to such a tremendous effort. For a lot of this trip, by default, I have been a resident ghost: waiting, watching, recording, documenting, assuming the role of conscientious observer to steady hands revoking a life of deformity and replacing it with one more certain. This blog is a reiteration of my effort to ensure that the tools at my disposal are working in tandem towards the same goal, to allow what they have done to be experienced more broadly. I'm honored, to say the least. From my hands to yours – Angelo