One of the many wonderful things about the kids here is that they're enamored with the camera, allowing for perfect little moments like these:   

our ever-elusive first motherThere was an entirely different vibe today as I followed the doctors on their rounds through the ward. Instead of the intensity of filming in the operating room, there was an overwhelming intensity of joy and relief. It was as if everyone could take Marylin Santiago  a deep breath, relax, and finally enjoy the company of new friends. For a moment, time seemed to stand still in the realization of a universal understanding, an embrace of something pure and common. For a little while I felt every title of mom smiles  doctor/patient, Peruvian/American slip away in the knowledge that I was capturing a group of people selflessly helping another to do something that they couldn't do on their own. And then I realized that in a small way, I was a part of that, and I couldn't help but smile along with pride.