Diego Zamalloa and mom After some time to regather and prepare for the remaining days to come, we were right back in the thick of things early Monday morning. Our seventh day in Lima, Peru led me to the bedside of Diego Zamalloa. Unfortunately, when the extent of your Spanish-speaking ability can form (left to right) Margot Esobedo, Diego Zamalloa and mom
approximately two or three coherent sentences, you tend to be greeted initially with odd looks more than friendly ones (especially with a camera in someones face). But Diego warmed up, and with the help of Margot Escobedo the Rotary Club El Rimac project director, I was even Margot Escobedo and Diego able to snap a few smiles. Diego had a bone graft surgery, which is a fairly involved and lengthy procedure compared to a cleft lip, and usually less of a priority on Rotaplast missions. Because they are relatively time consuming, bone graft surgeries are typically reserved for the latter part of the operating schedule and usually only performed when there are not enough cleft lips or revisions given the green light.