Rohomat after

Rohomet’s family saw a poster in their village about Rotaplast’s visit to Nurture hospital. His family did not know that Rohomet’s cleft lip could be cured. So it was decided that Rohomet’s eldest brother would accompany him on the bus ride to Nurture Hospital. What should take 3 hours to travel by private bus took Rohomet and his brother 8 hours to travel by local bus.

Rohomet told us that he wants to be an Imam, which is a Muslim priest. His family said that he feels that it is a blessing that his lip can be cured.

Shajadur-Rahman Masrur before

Shajadur-Rahman’s mother traveled 7 hours by bus to our mission. She is a very proactive mother and has a lot of questions. She told us that in her village she gets criticized a lot for her baby not growing like the other babies. She has to spoon feed Shajadur-Rahman because of his cleft palate. She told us it has been very hard for her.

Kim Capps
Sib Rod Lois


“I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done.”