As our mission nears a close in Udaipur, India, we are reminded that even though our trip is nearing an end, for so many children from this city and its surroundings, the past ten days have been a beginning. So, we return to our homes, and our patients return home to a new life with a repaired, palate, lip (sometimes both), or in the case of dear little Karma, a badly burned body freed from pain and hardship.

We think about Kalish, his repaired lip, and his new transportation, thanks to the generosity of the Rotaplast Team. 

Kalish bike


Where there had been so much darkness, there is a brighter light thanks to the Udaipur Rotaplast team.

  Darkness conq

One of the other benefits of Rotaplast medical missions is the opportunity to teach – and learn – from the physicians of the host country. This team was working at Geetanjali Hospital and Medical School, so Indian and American physicians observed and learned from each other.

  Teaching OR


Our dentists Dr. Courtney Ray and Dr. Sukhmani Marwaha have spent their days working alongside the rest of the medical staff to examine and treat patients who had medical needs.  


A team of three hard working anesthesia physicians from Stanford continue to take  excellent care of our patients this week.  Not only do they “put em to sleep and wake them up” they make certain that patients airways are not blocked.  They monitor vital signs throughout surgery.  They are a key piece of the patient safety promise of the Rotaplast team.

Dr nate

Two worlds meet in India. An old and a new. We have seen evidence of that every day.

  Two worlds

Another Rotaplast Veteran, Janice Crowder,  is an operating room nurse from Glendale, Arizona.

  Janice blanket

Out and about Russ Mazzola, caught the camera staring his way, as we passed through the City Palance of Udaipur this week.

  Russ m

Udaipur is an old city, more than 500-year-old buildings are common place.  Some of those buildings have seen better days, but there is also great beauty to be seen. Udaipur is a place that India people flock to for elaborate 7 day marriage rituals.  It has hotel rooms that rent for more than $500 a night.  (Don’t worry, we aren’t staying there!)  

  City view1

It has also been a place where great things have happened for the Rotaplast team, the colleagues we have met at Geetanjani Hospital, and the Udaipur Rotary Club.  We have come together this week to bring smiles to the children of Udaipur.  What a great way to share world and community service as Rotarians, medical professionals, and Rotaplast Volunteers.

  City palace shrine

Our last day in the hospital draws near, and we look forward to return to our families and our “real jobs”, but Udaipur will forever have a place in our hearts.