Sunday morning found us touring the hospital under the guidance of Sister Simona, the hospital's medical manager, who is also a general surgeon from Milan.

2nd day unloading at hosp

The hospital looks to be adequate for our needs.  As is often the case, some rearrangement of the facilities was needed but Head Nurse Evelyn Abad worked her usual magic. Team leaders started the initial setup of their departments.

2nd day hospital tour

2nd day surgeon and sister brief

During our free time in the afternoon we were escorted to the Mono river, which separates Togo and the neighboring country of Benin.  A surprise dugout canoe ("pirogue") ride gave us an opportunity to meet local inhabitants and to spread the word about our mission.

The highlight of the evening was the Afagnan-Aledjo drumming and dance group, performing with the presence of the local tribal chief.  Earlier in the day we were also honored to meet Togbui Ahonsou Aristide Chaold VI, chief of the canton of Afagnan, at his luxurious residence. 


2nd night dancedrumchief