And now it is time to say thank you and goodbye.  We hosted a small thank you gathering for Sister Simona and her staff.  Everyone in the hospital who had worked with us was given a certificate of appreciation, followed by refreshments. Grinning below is the hospital's head nurse, the indispensable Sister Felicienne, holding her certificate of appreciation, which goes only a small way in showing our gratitude for her selfless dedication to our mission's needs, every hour of every day at the hospital.



Paula Fillari’s fluency in Italian was a huge asset to the success of this mission.  She and Sister formed a close bond, and through Paula we learned that the hospital staff viewed our team as both very capable and very friendly.  They were especially impressed with how kind we were to their patients.  Kudos to all on the team who contributed to the good will.

In the midst of our final packing, a trauma case came into the emergency room.  A motorcycle accident had resulted in a partially-detached ear.  Sister Simona asked for help and our plastic surgeons and OR nurses willingly jumped back into scrubs and repaired the problem.  Great attitudes and more good will.

Many thanks to Mission Director Rosalie Wells for “rising to the occasion” in a third world environment. Her previous mission experience was invaluable.  She is pictured here with the chief of the county surrounding Afagnan, and our translator Montana.




Many thanks to Medical Director Angelo Capozzi, co-founder of Rotaplast, and the consummate professional.  His passion for the cause continues to inspire the rest of us.  He is pictured below explaining surgical procedures to the non-medical volunteers from Maine, and our dentist Mabel.




 Many thanks to the entire team!


  Rotaplast group photo800X


There is a stone in the yard behind the hospital which leaves us with a final thought to carry home:  “It is no small thing that which is done out of love.”




It was a good day.

It was a good mission.

It was a great team.