Our final clinic day arrived.  Surgeon Sister Simona Villa is pictured below with our doctors and nurses doing rounds in the pediatric ward.  It was our final opportunity to evaluate the children  we have treated and to leave instructions for any follow-up care after our departure. It must also be noted that the doctors and nurses in the pediatric ward, already overwhelmed by their own patients, made room in the ward and in their schedules to treat the Rotaplast patients with care (and deal with all our comings and goings!).


We also invited back all of our patients who were previously discharged.  It was fun to see patient #1 back with a big smile and full of activity.  


The following before and after pictures illustrate the challenge and the reward. We treated all who came to us.  Our time has been well spent!   



A daily treat for all of us was visiting the wards.  Faces would light up as we entered their rooms.  We had become part of their community.  Priceless!

It was a good day.