In every way, this mission has been a dynamic process.  Every day there is someone new to see whom we will help in ways that will truly change their lives.  A special story is about the 13-year old young man with a cleft lip who waited almost 13 years for treatment.  When he was only 8 days old, his father brought him to the hospital for care.  He was told that the baby was too young for treatment.  Father misinterpreted that he would have to be “grown up” before the cleft could be fixed.  Now that he is almost as tall as his father, he was brought for care.

Below is the transformation. The before, the after, and the family together.  It was personally moving for me and for the others in the recovery room when OR nurse Lianna made sure he was given a mirror to see his new face.  He looked…and looked…and looked.  And then a tear fell from his eye. When I looked around the recovery room, it was clear that we were all sharing in the emotion.




Rotarians Gone Wild

After a hard day at the hospital we did have a few laughs in the evening.  Check out Sule, Ellie and Ann in local attire.

  Girls gonewild

It was a good day.