ClinicWaiting 004

Our team returned to the hospital Wednesday, January 11 to conduct opening clinic.  A crowd of families gathered by the clinic door, waiting for the chance to have their child seen by Rotaplast.


I recognized the family of Luis-Augusto who were at the press conference.  Luis is a happy 6-month-old baby with a bright smile.  Unfortunately his smile is obstructed by a cleft lip. Luis-Augusto comes from Cajamarca, Peru approximate 8 hours away by bus.  His soft-spoken father said they heard an advertisement about Rotaplast coming to Lima on the radio and hoped that Rotaplast could help their son.  While in Lima, the family will stay at a local hostel provided by Club Rotario El Rimac.

At clinic, children are evaluated by our team surgeons, anesthesiologists, and pediatricians. Team nurses record vitals. An evaluation is then made on whether the child is a candidate for surgery.  Overall, we evaluated nearly 90 children.  As usual on a Rotaplast mission, new families will seek our help throughout the week to come.