First day of surgeries, and so far-success! The surgeons were able to operate on 12 people, all of whom are doing well in recovery tonight. Our youngest patient was a six month old girl, our two oldest patients were both male, 28.

In the waiting room, which happened to be right outside the office I was working in, were families. They didn't seem anxious or worried, and it was so different than what you may experience in the U.S. It's like they have complete and utter faith in the surgeons and know everything will be okay. It was actually very calming.

The siblings of the patients waited quietly for their brother or sister to emerge from the O.R. Without so much of a complaint about time or lack of things to do, these little ones blew me away with their awesome behavior. Kudos to them! And yes, it was nice to look out our office door to see a shy smile and a wave.

Our volunteers were once again very helpful and their humor and lightheartedness are a joyous aspect of our day.

As is to be expected, our Internet connection has not been that great, so please excuse the lack of photos in today's blog. I will post pictures as soon as our connection improves. Thanks for reading!