Here are some more team members I'd like you to meet. All of my team members are some of the most hardworking, caring and giving people I have ever met.

Left to right: Susan, RN PACU Nurse – Faith PACU Assistant – Paula, RN PACU Nurse – Monica, CCC/SLP
Speech Pathologist – Walter PACU Nurse – Kathy, MD Lead Pediatrician


Don – Recreation Therapist IMG_0947

Left to right: Vasanth Patient Transporter – Marie Ward Coordinator IMG_1024

Anne, MD Medical Director IMG_1133

Adam, MD Surgical Resident


Randy, Mission Director – Eyvonne, Local Mission Corrodinator IMG_1352

Michael Zielanski – Photojournalist IMG_8196

Jitka, MD Surgeon

JC, MD Anesthesiologist

Monica, CCC/SLP Speech Pathologist IMG_9419

Nan, NP Pediatrician IMG_9882