I’m certain that every mission team feels strong relationships develop through the long hours of work and untiring dedication. It is truly an honor to work with the Cumana 2012 team of volunteers. We have 29 members from across the US and South America, including 19 medical and 10 non-medical volunteers. For eight of us, this was our first mission. I am certain each one of us would welcome the opportunity to be part of another. Other volunteers have served on over 20 past missions. This reflects the wonderful work which the Rotaplast organization does and the joy we feel in making very real changes in the lives of others.

We are honored to have Dr. Angelo Capozzi of Tiburon, California as Medical Director. Dr. Capozzi co-founded Rotaplast in 1992, and has served on numerous Rotaplast Missions, as well as other humanitarian projects. He is joined by four other surgeons, including Dr. Matthew (Pogo) Pogodzinski of Funston, IL, Dr. Thomas Griffith of Lakewood, WA, Dr. Milton Solis from Guatemala, and Dr. Darwin Pinzon from Venezuela. Also joining the team is local physician, Dr. Jesus Rondon from Carupano, Venezuela who also handles the follow-up care for our patients.

The anesthesiologists are headed by Dr. Kay-Kyoung Kim of Arcadia, CA, joined by Dr. Iskra Ivanova of Seattle, WA, Dr. John Lee of Ocala, FL and CRNA Gary Stock of Sacramento, CA.

Dr. Bryan Stamm of Spokane, WA is lead pediatrician, working closely with Dr. Karolina Krawczyk-Faler, also from Spokane, WA.

Sharron Newton, RN of Slidell, LA served as head nurse, OR nurses include Julie Moyle, RN of Boulder, CO, Ulla Seppanen, RN of San Francisco, CA and Rosemarie Ricker, RN of Vancouver, WA. Lead PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit) is Kathleen Hauck, RN of Santa Rosa, CA, joined by Elizabeth Brown, RN of Spokane, WA.

Susan Whitaker of Redding, CA is the speech pathologist.  Serving as Dentist and Orthodontist is Dr. Rosario Mayro of Jenkintown, PA.

Orlando Arce of San Francisco, CA is the mission director. Other non-medical volunteers include quartermaster Brian Walker of Martinez, CA, medical records keepers Kathleen Lanferman of Fortuna, CA, Louise Capozzi of Tiburon, CA and Mary (Chicken) Greenburg of Tiburon, CA. Patient transporter Francis Ngure of San Francisco, CA, sterilizer Diane Henderson of San Rafael, CA, ward coordinator Barbara Nussbickel of Fishkill, NY, assisting in PACU is Mary Ann Montoya of Oakland, CA. It is a pleasure for me, Margaret Bryngelson, to serve with this terrific team as Photo Journalist.





Pediatricians ~ Orthodontist ~ Speech Pathologist


Head Nurse ~ OR Nurses


Recovery Room PACU Nurses and Assistants


Medical Records ~ Ward Coordinator ~ Patient Transportor


Mission Director ~ Quartermaster ~ Sterilizer ~ Photo Journalist