Hotel view south




Hotel view north




City construction





This is a view from the Cure Hospital at about 7 am.


 I have included some images of the city of Addis from our hotel balcony.  We are all staying at the Saramba Hotel.  Note how smoky the air is.  Almost everyone uses charcoal to cook with.  It seems as though we are downwind of a nearby forest fire and many of us have itchy eyes and minor sore throats.  One can only imagine what the air is like inside their homes.

Notes from Jean:

Jean has spoken with a mother and her story told here is unfortunately, not unusual.

Azeb is 26 years and has one child, a son, Yeabsira Ashenafi who is 1.  She has a grade 9 education.  Her sister is providing for them as Azeb’s spouse abandoned her, due to the problem that their child has currently.  She from Bethel, near Addis Ababa.




Azeb with her son Yabsira. They are holding his medical file.

She first heard of the procedure when she was bearing her baby through an operation at Cipra Hospital in Addis.

 Her husband had a job and she was working in their shop until he took everything they had for sale and disappeared.

Azeb waited outside while the operation for her son took place.  As soon as the surgery was over, she was able to see Yeabsira.  She said that she was really happy to see how successful the operation had been.   The doctors and nurses are following him very closely.

Azeb has plans to go and work in an Arab country when the operation is all over.  She is very grateful for all the things that have been provided by our team.  She wants to see her son Yabsira become an outstanding engineer.  Azeb said to us, “God bless all the people on the team.”