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Valezka was one of the first surgeries of day one.

She is a happy healthy baby of 4 months old.  She is the first child of her parents, Fiorella and Gustabo.  They live in the Rainforest approximately 18 hours from Lima by car. They heard Rotaplast was arriving from listening to the Radio Program Peru (RPP). RPP is heard in all areas of Peru and provides a vital service of information.

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Here, Valezka rest comfortably in recovery waiting for mama to join her.


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Paula 5 months old, arrived with her family.  Here she is in pre-op, quite content being entertained by her grandmother.

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It was an emotional reunion when mom came into recovery and saw her child's face, whole and complete for the very first time.  Tears are often shed during this experience.  Here, Paula rests comfortably in her mother's arms.


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 Mireya pre-op. 

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Seeing one's child after surgery can generate all sorts of emotions. Mireya's mother stays close taking in the changes to her baby's appearance.

The majority of surgeries today were to fix cleft lips where the results produce a dramatic change in the facial appearance of the child. Tomorrow surgeries for cleft palate repair begin. Although a palate is not seen, the results are equally as dramatic for nutrition and speech. 

Harumi, 5 years old has fun posing for the camera as she awaits her turn for surgery tomorrow.

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