Give Me a Chance – at School, at Life

Children with cleft lip and palate are too often rejected from society, starting with rejection at school. Many drop out at a very young age because they’re bullied, their self esteem reduced to nothing despite their parents best efforts to show them, and tell them, that they’re loved and they’re capable. The hope for many of these children is that with surgery at a young age, they’ll never fully know the difficulties they would most certainly have faced without cleft lip or palate repair.

Jean-Carlo, 5 years old

With his cleft lip, Jean-Carlo’s muscles that should connect across the top of his mouth instead connect to the base of his nose, so when he smiles, his cleft lip opens wide. But that hasn’t stopped five year-old Jean-Carlo from lighting up a room with his smile.  The Rotaplast surgeons fixed the muscles and reconstructed his lip. The results are outstanding (see below).




Roy, 2 years old

Two year-old Roy is just too cute…




Noah, almost 4 years old

Noah is an old soul. Check out the new smile on Noah.

2013-10-12 08.40.17


Aaron, one year old

Aaron has spent much of his life in intesive care after arriving prematurely at only 30 weeks.

2013-10-12 09.21.12