Mission Accomplished

Despite losing two days due to the 7.2 magnitude Cebu Bohol earthquake, the Rotaplast team of medical and non-medical volunteers operated on 53 patients to repair cleft lip and/or palate. Picture a room full of 53 babies, toddlers, and teens. Now picture all of the parents, siblings, and grandparents who accompanied them. That's hundred of smiles renewed, hundreds of lives changed. Better health, better education, better chance at life, socially and financially. That's what the team accomplished over the course of this 11th Rotaplast medical mission to Cebu City, Philippines.

Divine Grace, 1 year old

The post-surgery photos of Divine Grace were taken one and eight days after surgery. Many patients return on the final day of the mission for a post-op checkup. For Divine Grace, this was eight days after surgery. It's remarkable to see the progress of returning patients whose surgery was on the first day or two of the mission. Hopefully this beautiful one-year old will never know the challenges she might have faced. Look at the beautiful smile on her now.

Two photos from before surgery:

2013-10-11 08.02.31

2013-10-12 08.42.38

The below photo was taken one day after surgery, still a bit swollen.


Below is eight days after surgery.


Karylle, 5 years old



Randy, 8 years old


Jayann, 9 years old


Andy, 1 year 6 months old




Princess Rica, 2 years old

2013-10-12 08.37.52