I wanted to start today's blog with this awesome picture that the doctors took with beautiful Ilse!

Ilse (pronounced eel-say) is almost 10 years old and has already had three operations to help repair a cleft lip and palate. Today she is having another surgery on her palate.

Ilse was a little nervous before the operation, so before going into the operating room the doctors and nurses tried to cheer her up….I think they succeeded!! Great teamwork everyone!!

Else with docs sunglasses

 Now let me introduce you to some more of the amazing kids that we have met the last few days!

Meet Dulce

A super happy camper that I received many hugs and smiles from, five-month-old Dulce and her mom Magali traveled two and a half hours on a bus to be evaluated for her bi-lateral cleft lip on clinic day. Dulce's entire family was extremely supportive of her receiving the operation and when they found out that she was selected they were very happy.

Dulce on Clinic Day

Dulce before_4

Dulce before


Our little Dulce before surgery

Dulce and mom waiting for surgery


After the surgery, Magali couldn't believe the amazing difference the surgery had made. She asked me to take a picture of her with Dulce's fantastic Nurse Dalit to capture and share the moment that she saw her daughters new smile for the first time! 

Dulce mom and Delit after surgery

Dulce was then taken to the children's ward where she slept all night long!

Dulce after surgery with mom


Dulce this morning

I gave Dulce a beanie baby that was donated by the 1st grade children at Marshall Lane Elementary school in Saratoga and she loved it!

Dulce after_toy


Dulce after_3


Dulce's mom wanted to thank all the donors who made this miracle for her daughter happen. She said that there was no way she would have been able to afford the surgery on her own and that she is forever in debt to the entire Rotaplast team and everyone else who made this possible for her daughter. "Endless thanks and a million hugs to all."


Meet Melvin

Melvin is six months old and came to clinic day with his mom Amanda in hopes of repairing his cleft lip. Everyone loved giving hugs to this little cutie!!

Melvin going into surgery

Melvin before surgery

Melvin today after surgery!!

Melvin after

Melvin and mom_after


Meet Lian

Three-month-old Lian and his mom rode in a van filled with over 30 people to be with us on clinic day. Lian's mom Gloria was beyond happy when she found out that Lian was chosen for surgery for his cleft lip. Her family was extremely supportive of her traveling to clinic day in hopes of receiving surgery.

Lian on clinic day

Lian before


Lian on surgery day

Omi before_2

Lian the day after surgery!

Lian after

Gloria told me to tell the team and everyone who made this mission possible that she sends everyone much love from the bottom of her heart and thank you for giving Lian the chance to have more opportunities in his life because of this surgery. 

Meet David

One-year-old David and his mom Dina rode two hours in a bus to be with us on clinic day where everyone fell in love with his adorable personality.

David waiting with Sangita_before

David after surgery

David after_mom


Meet Teresa

We met eleven-year-old Teresa and her dad Jesus on Tuesday night. Unfortunately Jesus's friend had told them about clinic day too late and so they missed it. Jesus however, decided to take a five hour bus from Xela anyway, in hopes that we would be able to see Teresa…and thankfully he did, because we just happened to have a cancellation and were able to take her into surgery that same day!!! Her dad called it a miracle and couldn't stop thanking everyone. The team prepared Teresa for surgery and we gave her a little stuffed animal to keep her company during the surgery.

Teresa before surgery with Laura her new kitty!

Teresa before


Jesus was so happy and proud that Teresa had the surgery. He told us that he felt very blessed that she was chosen for surgery.

Teresa after_with dad

Teresa the day after her surgery  :)


We have had an exhausting yet very productive week filled with every emotion you can imagine.  I would like to end today's blog with some candid pics from today!!

Cristian kisses after

Cristian getting kisses from Silvana!!

Dont let me go mommy

Letting go 🙁

Dr payaso comforting mom

Dr. Payaso comforting Gloria after her daughter left for surgery.


Writing before surgery

We gave children coloring books and crayons to occupy them while waiting. Imelda drew a picture for the Rotaplast team! Thanks Imelda!!

Talking to patient before surgery

Most parents have no idea what to expect so our team spends time before taking the children into surgery to explain the process to them.