Today the Rotaplast Lima medical team conducted the post-op clinic. Many of our patients came for a final check-up  and consultation with our doctors.


IMG_9157_editedWith a small flashlight, surgeons peered once more into the mouths, lips and noses that they had so diligently and respectfully treated just a few days ago.

But when the flashlights lowered, and the final directions were given, there were smiles. Lots of smiles.


Patients and their families reached out to our medical and non-medical team with hugs and handshakes. It was hard to resist the emotions that bubbled up as we said our good-byes.



To see so many patients leaving with smiles on their faces and confidence in their step was truly remarkable. After posing with a patient holding a “Get Well” card (made by third-graders from Paso Robles, CA), one nurse summed up the farewells by saying, “This is why I keep volunteering for the missions.”




As we head home, our hearts are full. We accomplished what we set out to do nearly two weeks ago. With almost 80 surgeries, plus many additional procedures, the team could have gone for another week. Every volunteer that came on the mission was glad they came to Lima and made a difference.


Good Bye from Lima!

It was a pleasure to serve as the mission photojournalist and witness such dedicated medical professionals and Rotarians working together  to change lives. Thank you to all. Goodbye and good luck from Lima!