Up at 6 am for breakfast, bus to Hospital Julio Rodriguez for the new patient Clinic at 7 am. Our task for the day is to register and examine all waiting potential patients. We’ve been informed by our Rotary Club partners that there may be as many as 300 patients waiting to be examined. Wow, an all-time-record.

After the bus ride to the Hospital we posed momentarily for a group photo. A great photo for a group racing (at 7:30 am) to get started for the first clinic day.


The lines of patients were long all day and wrapped around much of the building. This presented great pressure on all of the clinic stations: patient registration, photography, PACU for weight and vital signs, doctors and anesthesiologist for close examination and surgical decisions, pediatricians, and finally speech pathology and dental examination.




Below are a small selection of ‘before’ surgical photos from our 230 potential surgical patients.