Yesterday was closing clinic; a time for the medical staff to take a final look and give post-operative care instructions to our patients.  We were extremely pleased that all 78 of our patients came back to clinic.


Pabel our last patient on our last day stands with our three surgeons, Dr. William Walker, Dr. Sibrand Schepel and Dr. Angelo Capozzi.


Brothers Mafiz and Hatiz enjoy posing for the camera after their exam.




Rotaplast is extemely grateful for the sponsorship of Chevron who made this mission possible. Representatives of Chevron joined us during both opening and closing clinics as well as throughout the mission at the hospital.



We are very grateful for the daily support of our host Rotary Club of Jalalabad who provided lunch for the team, organized interpreters and made themselves available each day to address all our needs. The team also appreciated the well wishes and involvement of nearby Rotary Club of Sylhet Mahanagar.


Most of our interpreters were students or faculty from the hospital. We received tremendous support from these students who gave us their time, language skills and compassion for our patients and their families.