The Rotaplast team to Sylhet, Bangladesh gather on the steps of the Sylhet Women’s Medical College and Hospital.  Our team arrived safely in Sylhet yesterday – albeit a bit well-worn and tired by more than 30 hours of travel.  In addition to team member from the United States, part of our team comes from the Netherlands, Germany and Australia.


Today,  Opening Clinic was quickly set up as more than 100 families gathered waiting for a chance for their child to be examined and evaluated by Rotaplast; hoping for the opportunity for their child, or in some cases, themselves to receive a life changing surgery.


The first step in clinic is registration. At the start, families surround the registration desk as information was gathered and charts were created and photos taken.



Vitals are taken and examines are completed by the surgeons, anesthesiologists and pediatricians.



Thoughout the day, we connect, make friends and establish a bond.  The friendly people of Bangladesh welcome us, and accept our help with open hearts.