Today we begin operation day 2!! We will check in on our patients that had surgery yesterday and prepare the patients that have surgery scheduled for today!!


Dr. Rod starts the day by checking in on Aminul who received surgery for burns that he received on his face. Five years ago, when Aminul was a young child, he knocked over a gas lamp that was on the floor and then his clothes caught fire. After the accident Aminul’s face was burned so badly that he couldn’t close his eyes shut. He received surgery yesterday that will help him be able to close his eyes!!


Dr. Kathy Gallagher and Aminul

Now let’s see some before and after pics!

Meet Jumayna

Eleven month old Jumayna and her parents took a bus for four hours to be able to have our team meet Jumayna on clinic day. They heard about Rotaplast through an advertisement in the newspaper last year. They were eagerly waiting the arrival of our team in order to have Jumayna seen and hoped that she could receive help. Jumayna’s father told me that he had asked doctors in Chittagong if they could help Jumayna and they were informed that they couldn’t and to wait for the Rotaplast team to arrive this month.



Jumayna’s parents were extremely pleased with the results of the surgery and said that they feel “very good” and are “very thankful for the Rotaplast team.”

Meet Kashfeya

Two and a half month old Kashfeya and her parents came to visit us on clinic day after taking a long taxi ride. Her mom told me that she found out about Rotaplast through a poster that was hung on the outside wall of a building in her hometown.



Kashfeya’s parents told us that they are “too much happy” with the results of her surgery and that they are grateful for, “what the American’s have done for my daughter, my people and my country.” Kashfeya’s mom went on to say that, “the entire team took good care of my baby and she was looked after very well, I am very happy. I hope that one day my child will grow up to be a good person like the people on the Rotaplast team.”

Now let’s go to the patients ward to see who is getting ready for surgery today!!

Patients stay in the ward with their families and make it their little home while waiting to be called in for surgery and after as well.