We are now on operation day 3!! One of our first patients gave us the peace sign right before she went in for surgery so I decided that the theme today should something that is a universal wish for all- PEACE – শান্তি

Let’s meet that special person that motivated today’s theme.

Meet Sabrina


Sabrina is four years old. She travelled with her family for three hours by taxi to meet with us on clinic day. Sabrina has had two prior surgeries to repair a cleft lip and today she will be having surgery to repair a cleft palate.


Here is Sabrina on her way into the operating room.


Before going in, Sabrina has her doll give her anesthesiologist Dr. Pieter Van Delden a kiss for good luck!!


Then she gave our transporter Suzy a good luck kiss before she went in. So sweet!!! Good luck Sabrina!!


Sabrina’s operation went very well!! Here she is after surgery being comforted by Nurse Kim in the PACU.

I just checked in on Sabrina in the recovery ward and her mom told me that she is doing great! In fact, just to prove that she was doing well Sabrina flashed her famous pose for my camera!! You are awesome Sabrina!!


Now let’s meet some of our other patients that greeted us with the peace sign today!!


Here is Dr. Kathy, Any and her mom and Dr. David


Our transporter Suzy and Mohammed get in on the fun!!

So does Alefa!!