Day 2 started bright and early with 6:15 a.m. breakfast then onto the bus promptly at 7:00 a.m. and to the Hospital. We were off the bus and ready to get to work.

The gravity of the need and the throngs of patients and their families waiting to see a doctor were amazing.  But also amazing was the patience of the families and children.


The first patient is Derek.  The doors are open and we are ready to take help those who are waiting to the best of our ability.


Many of the patients were accompanied by their extended families.


All potential patients are carefully checked by a Surgeon, Anesthesiologist and, for the younger children to teenagers a Pediatrician as well. The examination is thorough. The Surgeon makes a careful analysis  of  each patient’s needs and the best course of surgery. Truly, it gives new meaning to the term “collaboration” to see these medical professionals work so well together. Below, Surgeon Jitka Vrtiskova, MD, from Prague, works with Anesthesiologist Tim Conahan, MD, lf Havertown, PA to examine a child as the child’s Mother and the Translator (who is also invaluable) watch.


This little tyke gets a double dose of Pediatricians with Drs. Al Goldberg of Larkspur, CA and Paula Rand of Flagstaff, AZ both taking care of her –


As the day wore on, some wore out –


The local Rotary Club provided a lunch for the waiting crowds –


Finally, after processing 185 potential patients, the identity of the patients that would be operated on the first day were announced by Silvana Ayuso (who was the moving force behind such a great turnout) and Tom Fox, Mission Director, why a hopeful Mother tries to see her child’s name on the list –


The smiles of relief and joy tell the whole story – truly, a picture is worth a 1000 words –


Tomorrow is the first day of surgery.  Starting bright & early at 7:00 a.m.