Good morning! After a day of rest yesterday we are back and ready to go with operation day 4!!

The theme today is, service to others which was inspired by Nurse Kim and her quote of the day for the PACU as well as the Rotary’s primary motto of Service Above Self.

Nurse Kim writes inspirational quotes each day to go onto the wall of the PACU for the patients and the Rotaplast team members. Thanks Nurse Kim!!

Here she is today write today’s quote.


Speaking of service to others, let meet some of our Rotaplast, Bangladesh 2015 team members who have dedicated their time, energy and lives to serve others. Let’s start with our team leader Randy Floyd who in my opinion serves as the perfect example of service above self.

Meet Randy our Team Leader


This is Randy’s 10th mission with Rotaplast. He is Rotarian from District 7430, Harleysville, Pennsylvania. When he is not being an amazing team leader on Rotaplast missions he works as a Police Chief for the Telford Borough Police Department.




When I asked Randy why he goes on these missions he told me, “I love Rotaplast. It is a program that is meaningful to me because it helps our worlds most neediest children and helps bring a smile to their face. It brings great balance to my stressful life and helps me to work with the two most important causes in my life, helping the poor and helping children.”

Now before we meet the next team member, lets go to check in on the Patients Ward!!

Hey, look who it is! Its Dr. Kathy with Mahmul and his mom on their way to the ward. Hi guys!!


Our first stop in the ward is with Parvin. Parvin was badly burned last year after her husband poured kerosene on her and set her on fire because of a disagreement with the family. She came to us to receive help for a facial burns and to release some of the tightening that occurred around her mouth and jaw from the scarring. Her mother and her children spend time with her while she is in the ward recovering.



Next we say hi to Sabrina! I just gave Sabrina her first pair of socks and she loved them!!!


Most children in Bangladesh never have the opportunity to own a pair of socks due to their high cost. So receiving socks today in the ward was a big treat and it kept their feet nice and toasty after surgery!


 Now let’s go give our buddy Aminul some socks as well!!


Speaking of Aminul, I have to tell you what a great big brother he has been to some of the younger patients in the ward. He helps play with them to help them keep their mind of the pain and perhaps his own pain as well.

Here is a picture of Aminul with Rumana who had surgery yesterday. Rumana had been complaining about pain all day but she stopped the minute that Aminul started playing a video game with her on Transporter Suzy’s phone! Way to go Aminul!! You are awesome!!