Good Morning and welcome to operation day 5!! The theme today was inspired by a group of children I saw playing cricket this morning behind the hospital. Each of them hope that one day they will be able to represent Bangladesh in the Cricket World Cup. Let’s walk over there now and meet them!!

Hi guys!

The kids love showing off their cricket skills for my camera!!


And their mothers enjoy watching them play as well.


Time to go back to the hospital…looks like I have two new buddies who want to go with me 🙂


Back at the hospital our Team Leader is busy giving another interview for the local news crews about our mission. He is accompanied by our Rotary hosts, the Rotarians of Agrabad.



Samia wants to say hi as well!! Hi Samia!! Many of the local women and girls come to the hospital dressed in beautiful and colorful clothes, just like Samia.


On my way back to the ward, I run into Dr. Preet, our orthodontist, who is taking a patient to get her teeth cleaned.


I finally made it to the ward where our Pediatrician, Nan, is checking in on the patients. Here she is with Rahema and her family.


Our next stop is to check in on Lamia who had surgery on her cleft lip last night. Let’s take a quick look at Lamia’s picture from last night before we check in our her today!!



and meet Lamia now!!



and here is a side by side pic before and after


wow! great job Dr. David and Dr. Rod!!!

Another special guest in the ward is Shiro!!

Let’s Meet Shiro!!

Shiro, 23, originally came to Rotaplast two years ago to receive help but unfortunately she showed up on the last day of surgery and at that time Rotaplast had no time left to help her. However, we promised to help her the next time we were in Chittagong and she received her first surgery during the 2014 mission.

Here is a picture of Shiro last year.


Shiro was burned when she was 15 years old.  One day, she was trying to cook a meal for herself.  She was alone at the time. In seconds, kerosene exploded in front of her and caught fire to her chest, neck and face. When help arrived, she was taken to the hospital and the burn care she received was little more than ointment and bandages. It’s difficult to comprehend the pain and suffering Shiro has endured since the fire. She suffered from scar contractures all along her chest, neck and jaw.  The contractures were so severe that her mouth and jaw remained open for seven years!!

Thanks to the amazing surgical team last year, Shiro can now close her mouth and has a beautiful new chin!

Here is Shiro today!!




and lets see a before and after picture of Shiro!!


Awesome! You look beautiful Shiro!!

oh and Dr. Preet worked on Shiro’s teeth today as well!! Let’s see that before and after!!


Amazing job Dr. Preet!