Today we can start to show you some of the work that is being done. Below are before and after photos of some of the operations. Please note that the post-operation photos are taken either immediately after surgery or the morning after surgery as a result, the faces may be swollen and there may be dried blood around the surgical site. By the day of the Post-Surgery Clinic, the swelling will be down and the dried blood will be gone.

It is also important to understand that although you can see a dramatic cosmetic change in the cleft lip surgeries, the surgeons also do palate repairs which do not result in any significant change of appearance to the face, but really help the patients with their speech development. Many patients have a difficult time speaking because they have no solid palate in the roof of their mouth.  Additionally, the surgeons also repair the frenulum for some patients. This is a condition referred to in layman’s terms as being “tongue tied”. It is difficult to speak if the tongue is unable to freely move. So although a transformation is seen in the cleft lip repairs, the palate repairs and frenulum repairs also significantly improve the lives of the patients.

Cleft Lip Repairs

Angelin Pre-Op

Angelin Pre-Op


Angelin Post-Op


Elvia Post - Op 1st Day

Elvia Post – Op 1st Day