Day 5 and 6 were generally uneventful. The surgery schedule was in its usual state of flux during the day. There were no shows, walk-ins and cancellations due to colds and coughs. In other words, things had settled into a reasonable routine for us.


We are consuming much of the supplies we brought with us, so the store room is starting to look empty. Dr. David Low, Medical Director and Jaime Chavez can be seen removing supplies and equipment at the start of the day. Jaime is the go-to guy for everything associated with logistics and making things work and run smoothly.

We completed 13 surgeries on both days. The majority were associated with cleft palates and lips. We  always leave the hospital wishing we could have done more as there are always patients waiting on the list.


Tomorrow is Surgery Day 7, our last day of surgery:-(  It will be a longer than usual day as we try to get as many patients done as feasible.