The last day of surgery is often a busy day as the team continues to help as many patients as possible. We arrived at the hospital with walk-in patients waiting for us.  As luck would have it, we were able to add two walk-ins to today’s schedule.


Throughout the mission, schedules are adjusted on an on-going basis.  Here, head nurse Carol and Karen, our records keeper juggles things around so that we are as efficient as possible.


Inside the OR, local Interns and scrub nurses assist the Rotaplast medical team. Above, Dr. Charles, from Tanzania assists Dr. Sandy with a skin graft.


Mount Meru Hospital scrub nurses have assisted the medical team every step of the way in the OR, while others are helping Terry with the instruments as she handles sterilizing.


Rotaplast transports our own instruments and equipment, such as the autoclave, to each mission.