The day has finally arrived.  The team, headed by mission director Randall Floyd, begins the set up.  The operating room (OR) is ready to go.  The next stop for patients will be the recovery room (PACU) prepared by Susan Fossum, Wendell Alderson and Jean Aitcheson. Getting the ward ready for patients is Agnes Wolfkamp.  Here the patients and families may spend the night, both before and after surgery.

Coverphoto-2552Quartermaster Ted Alex unpacks his hospital in boxes.

Coverphoto-2625Head nurse Jane Winning and Medical Records Keeper Hans Adolfsen are preparing charts and surgery schedules. Nearby, sterilizing tech Murk Westerterp has the surgical instruments ready to go.


The trio of Dr. Angelo Capozzi, Dr. Brannon Clayton and Dr. Sibrand Schepel discuss procedures for the day. OR nurses Carmen Ando and Leticia Misterio work with local scrub techs to ensure efficiency. Also in attendance is Dr. Helen De Francesco, the mission dentist.

Coverphoto-2469The dynamic duo of pediatricians Dr. Albert Goldberg and Dr. Gregory Shay examine patients and counsel families pre- and post-surgery.

Also preparing for seeing patients pre- and post-surgery are: Tanya Wolff, patient transport; Hala Jawad, recreational therapist; and Louise Zawadzki, speech pathologist.

Coverphoto-8586The first surgery patient enters the OR. Musa will have his cleft lip and nose repaired today. The dream team, anesthesiologists Dr. Amir Amini, Dr. Renata Miketic and Dr. James Littlejohn, will release him on the first step of his surgical journey.

Staff and students from Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital complement and complete our international team.

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