At this stage of the mission the team have worked very hard for this worthy cause. A break will be welcome. Today is that day. Rounds of the wards are done by the doctors and the ward supervisor, these are the only duties for the day. Some team members are planning some shopping, others are just happy to take the day to recharge. Given the workload ahead, this is a good plan. During this time team members will be taking stock of what they have achieved, at the same time feeling blessed to be doing this wonderful work. There will be patients discharged and others checking in for their surgery tomorrow, they arrive and express gratitude for what the team will be doing for them. The wards are a buzz with new patients, surely the outgoing patients are giving positive advice to others for what they are about to experience.


As mentioned each patient leaves with their quilt and hopefully opportunity for a future that will be better after their surgery, the hope is that the quilt will be a reminder of the day their lives changed. The generosity of so many people.


making the difference is noticed and appreciated.


The children have enjoyed playing with the staff, the recreational supervisor has a myriad of games, some of the artwork they have done has been amazing to watch. Every team member interacts with the parents and children, this is evident by how their experience dominates table talk during our gatherings.


Saying goodbye is tough, they will remember Rotaplast and their wonderful people!



4th year med students, they have voluntered to interpret and so much more, everyone loves them!






Pain management is an important part of the healing, children who have had surgery on extremities get beach balls to elevate the surgery spot, we all hope they are playing with those balls soon.


Children being children loving life!


A little exercise in control, we take for granted being able to blow through a straw.





Spirits remain high and all can not wait to get back to the hospital.