The start of Mahbub’s journey was the village of Dirai, more than four hours away.  He was silent and frightened upon his arrival with his father at the Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital on the evening before his surgery.  Not only will he have his cleft lip and palate repaired, but Mahbub also has a very important dentist appointment while he is here.  After spending some time coloring and playing with a ball in the recreational therapy room, he shyly confided in his new friend, one of our medical student interpreters, that he was not scared anymore.  May this Rotaplast roadstop be only the beginning of Mahbub’s journey to a better future life in his village of Dirai.





Bangali for smile, Hashi.


Jean and Ted working to keep the storage room in ship shape.


The only outside view we have, it is by Murk Westerterp’s steralizing station, he gets a lot of visitors!


Part of our security detail, police and hospital security.


Photo by Dr Brannon Claytor.


Fourth year stundents and volunteers with Jane the head nurse. Just observing her work was an education for them.


The Dream Team and Carmen.


Agnes made out discharge information in Bangladeshi, no excuse for confusion now.


Rotary flags on display in the OR.



“The General” as the inspector  referred to in fun has become a friend to us, at the same time he has done a remarkable job of ensuring our safety. Do not doubt his counts! Another memory worth asking a team member about.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. ~Dr. Seuss