As the Rotaplast Mission of December 2015 comes to an end, there is a lot to be said.  Of course, there will be numerous good-byes.  But we cannot leave without first saying thank you, as well. Just like pieces of cloth were lovingly stitched together for the children’s quilts, many pieces were necessary to form the Rotaplast team which stayed in Sylhet for nearly two weeks to make a difference for so many individuals.  Heartfelt gratitude goes to all the  Rotarians, Rotaplast San Francisco staff, traveling team members and our security and hosts in the hospital and hotel who made this successful mission happen.

Major financial contribution from an anonymous Rotary family in District 6330 with supporting contributions from the Rotary Club of Sarnia and the Rotary Club of Watford, both of District 6330. We also acknowledge the contribution by Chevron, all who made the mission possible.


Rotary Club of St. Thomas Railway City, District 6330 donated toys handed to the children.

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Onze mensen van Holland.