The whole team has arrived safely and without incident in Sylhet Bangladesh. It has been a long journey for all, however, this has not dampened the spirit one bit. As we climbed aboard the hotel shuttle for the final leg to the hotel, Dr. Brannon Claytor said, “ I guess this is the last of the many different vehicles that got us here.” Some got here by plane, train and automobile.

Weary from hours of sitting and finally meeting in Dubai, the team in Rotaplast uniform, assembled for the next leg of the journey. In a brief from the Mission Director Randy Floyd, he noted when referring to the uniform,  ‘when we arrive at our final destination, we will all look ragged, but we will look like a ragged team.’ Identifying as a team certainly had its advantages and assisted in being able to move to the front of the line on a couple of occasions.

All baggage and the thirty four boxes accounted for, quite a feat with the baggage claim in Dhaka as much of a challenge as it was.

The reception at the arrivals exit in Sylhet was wonderful, a good showing of local Rotarians gave a gift and a warm welcome to the team members. Dismissing the group to relax and meet for dinner, one gets the feeling they can not wait for clinic to start tomorrow.


Jane Winning shuttles the infamous boxes.


Randy Floyd counts, counts and counts again.


And again!


Greg Shay good to go and we are off to the parking lot.


All aboard our last flight from Dhaka to Sylhet. The big guys climbed aboard with a smile.



Welcome Dr. Capozzi we are so happy to have you back.



Wendell Alderson climbs aboard for the final leg, arriving at the hotel yes, we sat again, this time different, we were there.

Sylhetarrival-2145 Sylhetarrival-2146