Our experienced Rotaplast team partnering with CURE Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The team consists of 2 Plastic Surgeons, 2 Anesthesiologists, one OR Nurse and one non-medical Rotarian.

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The team found CURE Hospital to be very up-to-date, well equipped, and welcoming. We had a successful clinic on this special small mission at CURE Hospital, screening 20 patients and scheduling 18 for surgery. Above Anesthesiologists, Dr. Jenny Parker and Dr. Helen O’Keeffe Vajk examine Zonas.

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Zebiba, a 17-month-old will have his cleft lip repaired and have a new smile in about 90 minutes. His team consists of Dr. Angelo Capozzi, Plastic Surgeon and team Medical Director, Helen O’Keeffe Vajk, Anesthesiologist with Rotaplast, and Dr. James Layton, Anesthesiologist with CURE Hospital. Dr. Layton recently joined  CURE Addis Ababa hospital after relocating with his wife and four children from Arkansas. They will be assisted by Rotaplast head nurse, Paulette McHugh from Santa Rosa, California and nurses from CURE.

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Dr. Sibrand Schepel, Plastic Surgeon from The Netherlands, begins our first surgery on a 13-month-old baby with a cleft lip.