The last two days of surgeries flew past in a blur of babies, Mayan embroidery, scrubs and the routine of taking vital signs, prepping for anesthesia, intubating, cutting and skillfully reconstructing mouths and faces.IMG_1770IMG_1651
In as little as 30 minutes, major miracles are performed.
Older children and young adults have many challenges because of their cleft lips and other birth defects. Years of ridicule and shame take their toll. That’s what is so satisfying about working on a Rotaplast mission. You see the possibilities for these kids, for their growth and potential.

This delightful couple wed exactly a month ago.

While we are so privileged to be here in Guatemala working with Rotaplast, we don’t forget about the thousands of people, many of them Rotarians, who have donated to Rotaplast, supported their clubs’ or districts’ missions, who have used their networks and skills to facilitate importing equipment and supplies, who have shared Rotaplast’s work and inspiring stories. We can’t forget about the many who made this important work possible.
Our local Guatemalan Rotarians provided more than $100,000 worth of media advertising in newspapers, on the radio and TV and on outdoor signage. Without their valiant and effective marketing, we would not have had the wonderful turnout of patients.