Rosemarie is a go-getter…

In a Tanazanian household dinner is made on an open stove. Much of it is fried. Women have a very busy life. Many women have several young kids. They aren’t used to constantly watching out for them. The first two years are the most difficult and dangerous around the house for these children. They start to crawl and walk. They get very noisy.


Seven months ago Rosemarie (26 years) wasn’t at the house. Her mother was at home and she had arranged a babysitter. On that day a frying pan with hot fat fell all over Grace’s arm. The first aid was done by a private clinic in Karatu. Her right arm has severely burned.

Mother Rosemarie is persistent, Grace came to the private clinic 7 months ago. Because of that the family has a big debt. Her husband is a taxi driver on a minibus and earns a 20.000 TZS (equivalent to $9 US Dollars). This is what the family has to live on. In those 7 months they built up a debt of 500.000 TZS (equivalent to $227 US Dollars). That is a lot for a family like Rosemarie’s.


It is so appreciated what we are doing for Grace and her parents. Luckily Rosemarie is a go-getter and she has done everything in her power to help her daughter.


-Ruben Veldman, The Netherlands