Dr. René Vreuls our lead peditrician is also our interpreter. He speaks fluent Swahili. All other doctors rely on his translations and his understanding with the patients.


Dr. Bernard Thio (pediatrician) is viewing a patient together with our local hero Innocent. Innocent is so helpful on all fronts, we really had the greatest experience with him.


Irma Goossen is the beloved ward nurse who plays with the children and entertains them. Most modern resources are used for the purpose of making the time at the ward as nice as can be.


The center of the universe is called by our other collegues; administration. This very important job is fulfilled by Hans Adolfsen.


Our very accurate, Dr. Jann Johnson (surgeon) is making a dressing with our occupational therapist Kristin Koch.


As the lead anesthesiologist Jan Bos also cares  a lot for the patients. They need to feel as comfortable as can be.


Having volunteered on many missions for Rotaplast, Stephen Layne is one of the most experienced anesthesiologists around. The nurse Lois Borie is an excellent part of the OR team. We are so blessed we are part of such a experienced team.


Our Quartermaster Wouter van de Wetering is everywhere. He’s at everyone’s service and has his perfect timing working for him.


Agnes Wolfkamp is the one who coördinates all wards (pre- and post-ops). With her organization and empathy skills combined you have the perfect person for the job.


Marie-José de Boer transports our patients and parents from the ward to the intake room. She talks so friendly to the people while walking to the intake room or back to the ward. Most patients and parents are reassured by her.


Can you imagine what it would be like if you’re a medical student to have the experience of participating in a Rotaplast mission. Well Richard Rambuss did. And more, now he has a backpack full of medical experience.


Yes, part of our team without a doubt is Samwel. He has assisted with almost every operation and did important procedures which contributed to the surgery.


Our mission director Randall Floyd is everywhere. He loves every part of the mission. The little patients are his favorite, that’s why you’ll mostly see him in the wards and at the PACU (recovery room).

-Ruben Veldman, The Netherlands