Orthodontist Rosario Mayro, DDS has been on more than 12 missions. She invites local dentists and orthodontists to come and observe cleft palate repairs. Her desire is to get the local orthodontists interested in helping the children with cleft palate. Due to her many trips to the Philippines, she has been successful in recruiting dentists and orthodontists. So now there are orthodontists in the Philippines that do the dental work before Rotaplast arrives.

Dr. Rosario Mayro preparing to do extractions.
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An international team is repairing a soft cleft palate on Min, an 11-year-old boy. Dr. Milton Solis from Guatemala is being assisted by Dr. La Min Ku Ku, a local oral surgeon; the Anesthesiologist is Helen O’Keeffe Vajk, originally from Ireland now living in California; OR nurse Yipi Yang is now living is California; and local staff nurse Nwe Nwe Wia Min. First he had to have a tooth extracted by Dr. Rosario Mayro who is originally from the Philippines, but now lives in Jenkintown, PA.

Andrea May loading the sterilizer.